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I know the challenges you’re going through, I’ve been there too.

Fitness-ballWhen I left the University of Maryland, I took one look in the mirror and I knew I had let myself go. I was devastated. I had always been active as a child, and danced ballet up until my late teens, but after putting on The Freshman Fifteen (and then some), I had never felt worse about my body.

I took a job as a paralegal soon after school, and while it wasn’t a job I was thrilled to wake up to, I thought it would provide me with security. Unfortunately, my self-esteem was at an all-time low, and with the extra weight I’d put on, knowing that I wasn’t in the right profession only made things worse. I felt directionless and confused, like I had lost my identity and my natural enthusiasm for life. I was feeling anything but “secure,” and to make matters worse, my relationship with my then live-in boyfriend was coming to a bitter end. I had another “mirror moment” (haven’t we all?), and I just didn’t like what I saw.

It was right at that moment that I promised myself never to settle for anything less than the best I could be. I changed my diet and started a regular workout routine at the gym, and before long I was asked by the gym owner to teach classes.

I found that I loved training and teaching and interacting with people so much, that I decided to leave my “secure” job as a paralegal and become a personal trainer. Leaving a guaranteed weekly paycheck and working for myself (with no guarantee of anything) was scary at first, but my heart and my head both knew it was the right choice. I had also gotten into the best shape of my life and I had no plans of reverting back to my old ways—so I went for it!

Soon after, I did some modeling for a virtually-unknown Maryland clothing company called UnderArmour; and as business began to skyrocket for them, things began to take off for me as well. I knew I was living my purpose by doing what I was passionate about, and I believe it’s in every one of us to do the same. I know you probably have the same doubts and fears, and I’m grateful that we’ve found each other so I can help! 

MBP_6474After 12 years as a personal trainer and fitness model, feeling great about who I was and what I was doing, my husband and I decided we wanted to have children. I was terrified of what being pregnant would do to my body—before, during, and after giving birth. I also wasn’t exactly sure how to balance a career, marriage, raising kids, and staying in shape—but I was determined to figure it out.

Now I’d like to share with you all I’ve learned about staying in shape, looking your best, feeling fantastic, and being in charge of your own happiness. There’s no reason you can’t get amazing results and achieve things that you never thought possible. My promise to you is that I will share all that I know, and give you 110% so that you can look, feel, and live your best!



Meghan Tieff is “America’s Body Coach,” a globally-recognized fitness model, personal trainer, image consultant, and life coach who has graced the pages of Cosmopolitan, In Style, Shape, Muscle & Fitness, Hers, and Oxygen magazines, just to name a few. She has modeled for major companies including UnderArmour and Lululemon and has a successful series of fitness DVDs that are available worldwide. She offers in-person training locally and provides training online to her national and international clients.

tieff_family-300x203Meghan is married to musician Dave Tieff, and is the proud mother of two sons, Dylan and Maddox. She loves to empower people with the knowledge that they are in control of their own health, fitness, and happiness.